Micro-finance for Farmers in East Africa to End Hunger and Poverty.
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How We Work

Our model is very simple and actionable/scalable. Our goal is to create sustainable communities that produce enough food to mitigate hunger, and to produce enough crops for sale in order to improve household incomes and alleviate both spiritual and physical poverty. Here is how:


Community Organizing

Our model is organizing farmers into production groups or cooperatives. Working with the local leadership and local church, we identify about one fourth of the families in a given village based on the values on which we exist. We then train the farmers in best practices of agriculture and we develop leaders or trainers of trainers who continue to give local supervision, mobilize collaboration and provide direction to the community of farmers.



We provide micro-loans to the farmers by equipping them with information, seeds and tools, cooperation and mobilization, to engage in meaningful agricultural production and output. These loans are paid back with some affordable interest rates after the farmers make a successful harvest and sell their produce. When the loans are repaid, they are re-invested into other farmers or communities.


Market Access

We help our farmers to acquire markets hitherto inaccessible to them because of different reasons, including a prior lack of sustainable output, or transport and storage logistical problems, or mere lack of access to better seeds and tools. By organizing farmers into groups, they have the ability to negotiate together, pull resources and gain economies of scale to compete favorably.


Food Security and Nutrition

All our farmers are required to engage in food production activities that will ensure a presence of sufficient food for the family and that has nutritional value especially for the children. This ensures an end to hunger, but also means that when the farmers sell their produce, they will not spend the money on buying food instead of investing it in other fundamental needs such as education, healthcare, shelter, and businesses.


Environmental Sustainability

Our goal is to motivate our farmers to become environmentally vigilant by planting trees and engaging in other means of conserving the environment. In the future, we want to encourage and support a livestock program in-order to ensure not only nutrition and supplementary income through diary product consumption and sales, but also for manure that is rich in organic fertilizer, and is a green energy source for cooking and lighting.


Spiritual Discipleship

Many organizations are motivated to do their by different values. For us, Christ’s love for humanity is what compels us to do the work we do. As such, we share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the farmers that are interested in hearing. We do not select our clients based on their religious beliefs, racial or sexual backgrounds. We have an intentional disciple making mission that is funded by our Christian partners. No government or public funding is used for this purpose.