Micro-finance for Farmers in East Africa to End Hunger and Poverty.
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Where we work

We are called to the East African region, with a greater sense to work with the people of the greater Sub Saharan region in years to come. Our entry point is Uganda, and we we plan to serve in Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Malawi, Ethiopia, and Burundi.

In-spite of Eastern Africa having rich resources including fertile farmlands, there is entrenched poverty and a lack of investment to propel these communities out of poverty and hunger. Over the last two years, poverty levels have continued to rise and hunger has claimed lives in the region. All these are problems that can be resolved with a concerted effort in improving food production, household incomes, and sustainability.

We are currently working with farmers in two village communities in Mityana, a district in Central Uganda. According to research from the Anglican Church of Uganda, “Mityana is a very poor area.  A typical house in a village is often no more than a mud hut, built with wattle and daub, with a thatched or corrugated iron roof being no larger than a typical 1 car garage, these houses can accommodate up to 12 people living in extended families. The town of Mityana is one of the major towns in the district of Mubende.  Mityana…covers about 10,000 sq. kms and has a population of approximately 640,000.

Mityana…is varied in its climate and vegetation. The district is around 1372 – 1448 m above sea level and experiences high temperatures with remarkably low rainfall and has approximately 84,000 hectares of forest.  Kiboga, formerly part of Mubende/Mityana, is to the north of Mubende/Mityana and has moderate rainfall and temperatures suitable for the growing of several crops.