Micro-finance for Farmers in East Africa to End Hunger and Poverty.
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Sponsor a Farmer
It takes just $300 a year to invest in one of our farmers and empower them to double or triple their family's income within 12 to 15 months. For $25 a month for one year, you can help us achieve this goal. Remember that our goal is to empower farmers to become self sustaining by becoming a small..
Empower a Clan
In Africa, a clan is usually a small group of families that share common heritage within a tribe. While we are not dealing with specif family relations, we are borrowing this terminology to reflect a group of 10 families in a village. We are encouraging you to partner with a clan. This means..
Empower a Tribe
A tribe is a collection of clans or families, who share a common ancestry and cultural beliefs and practices. While we are not dealing with specif family relations, we are borrowing this terminology to reflect a group of 25 to 50 families. We are encouraging you to partner with a tribe by funding..
Empower a Village
A village is an entire community, in which we select farmers to join the planting and sustainable agriculture and micro-finance program. Typically, we select about 100 farmers in a community of about 400 families. Once again, we are looking for individuals, businesses, churches, clubs, groups,..
Tell a Friend
Without people like you knowing about this work and sharing it with others, we will not be able to do very much. Money is not the only way you can help. We are counting on you to spread the word about our program to your family, friends, local community, professional bodies, church, club,..
Become a Fundraiser
We are a small organization with a big, bold and achievable vision. We are relying on the generosity of people like you to join us not only in giving but also asking others to give to our work. You may creatively do this in may ways, whether it is through holding a 5k run or walk, golf tournament,..
Pray for Hiinga
We believe in the power of prayer; literary! So, we covet your sincere exhortations to the Lord to help us in our mission; for God to open doors, provide resources, and to demolish strong holds of both physical and spiritual poverty. We believe that if we commit our work to the Lord, our plans will..
Hiinga TRIPS
We would like you to experience life and the peoples of East Africa where we work. If you are interested in making a trip with a group of others to the region, please contact us to find out about available travel opportunities and dates. East Africa is one of the most beautiful places ever..